Post date: Aug 20, 2013 1:54:41 AM

Thank you very much for the thorough inspection of my family’s forever home. Buying the home of your dreams can be a stressful situation in itself. The easiest and best part of the process was working with Jim at JKG Home Inspections. My wife and I are purchasing the last home we will ever have and having Jim give it his "thumbs up" review put us both at ease since we are making a long distance purchase (over 5,000 miles away). Many times a home can have a "polished" look from the outside but the "bones" of the home can become the Achilles heel in a transaction. Jim's review and his timeliness, thoroughness, and professionalism was beyond our expectations. Jim was very descriptive in the inspection report which reaffirmed to us we had made the right decision in selecting this home as our last one. Our Realtor, Quake, had recommended JKG Home Inspections from past home inspections and did so because of his reputation of excellence. Past home inspectors have just turned over their report to the Realtor and I have never spoken to them. My biggest surprise was when Jim called me personally to tell me what a gem of a home we had. He explained to me in detail the "minor" issues he had come across (3) and praised our home saying it was a pleasure to find an 11 year old home that had been taken such good care of. Anyone who needs a home inspection would be doing themselves an injustice by not utilizing Jim and JKG Home Inspections.

Thanks again!

Joel & Dawn