Post date: Jan 16, 2012 11:10:31 PM


Wanted to thank you for coming down to Seward and conducting the inspection on the property we are interested in. I would definitely refer you to future buyers and comments for potential customers would be:

Extremely thorough throughout the inspection process, from the plumbing to the testing of the wiring.

Very good communicator in explaining how the process was going to work down to the explanations of issues that should be of concern.

Kept us informed throughout the process with text messaging, the phone, and the internet.

Prompt delivery of a very thorough report that was easy to read with suggestions for repair and explanations for the expected life span of existing fixtures, hardware, appliances, the roof, etc.

Pictures were helpful in describing exactly what was being explained in the report.

Great attitude that made me, the potential buyer, feel as if I had someone looking out for my best interests.


Rob O'Neal